Welcome to Aeriform Martial Arts Tricks

Aeriform is a free online encyclopedia created to share and expand the world's knowledge of martial arts tricking, built to emphasize the "Kick, Flip, Twist" paradigm. This site features original content created by me, Daniel Perez de Tejada, in conjunction with terminology and information gathered jointly by the global tricking community.

A Definition of Martial Arts Tricking

Martial Arts Tricking is an acrobatic discipline, practised on any flat surface devoid of obstacles or walls. Tricking draws upon elements of gymnastic tumbling, martial arts kicking and twisting techniques, and ground moves like those seen in break dancing. These elements define martial arts tricking from a physical standpoint, but it has been said that:

Describing tricking as a combination of kicks, flips, and twists is like describing books as a combination of letters, spaces, and punctuation. The social experience of tricking as it's practiced is about community; friendship, support, and respect for each other's accomplishments.

If you are interested in martial arts tricking instruction, check out Teach Me Tricking.

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