Inside Inverts: Inside Flip and Takuraba

A single rotation sideways (from Inside stance) is the flip known as "Inside Flip." Like all inverts, Inside Flip comes in the standard (pop) takeoff as well as two alternate forms: "Master" (Singular,) and "Cheat" (Sequential.) The Primary alternate is Master, and any form without hands becomes "Grand Master." The cheat version is sometimes called "Vanish Grand Master Swipe."

Rotational Values by Stance

  • 270°


    At Complete landing this flip will reach 270 degrees spin (e.g. "wrap full.")
  • 360°


    Returning to Hyper landing this flip will reach a full 360 degrees spin.
  • 90°


    At Mega landing this flip will reach 90 degrees spin (e.g. "mega GMS.")
  • 180°


    At Semi landing this flip will reach 180 degrees spin (e.g. "semi wrap full.")

TakurabaIs the name of the horizontal twist element which begins from Inside, and shares alternate takeoff types with Inside Flip. When fully inverted, a takuraba becomes what's known as "Wrap Full:" a singular takeoff inside flip with 270° rotation. Fractional (less spin rotation than takuraba) twist moves include "Semi Tak," "Mega GMS," and "Tkick." The current record for Takuraba (single inversion) from alternate takeoff is a triple tak; return to Backside three times.

The Four Twist Elements (With Base)

With the understanding of how invert tricks are defined, you can identify them by stance and sub-category. Remember that each stance shares a base flip and matching horizontal twist element which both begin from that position, regardless of takeoff. View a different invert group below, or study the transformations page to learn how inverts can deviate from their standard forms.