Frontside Kick Tricks

Kick tricks beginning (leaving the ground) from Frontside follow a pattern of alternating hook or round landings for every stance change; 180 degrees (a single stance change) is the first available trick and has a hook kick, while the current world record stands at 1080° (six stance changes!) Remember that the Pop 180hook begins already in Frontside, while the Swing and Cheat versions move from Backside:

180Hook can evolve in two ways; either by completing the hook in-air (creating a hyper hook or "shuriken" landng,) or by skipping the hook to add a second stance change before kicking. A 360° rotation from Frontside creates the opportunity for a round kick:

360Round can evolve in two ways; either by completing the round in-air (creating a hyper round or "katana" landing,) or by skipping the round and adding a third stance change before kicking. The 180shuriken can only evolve by adding another stance change after the kick, a concept known as "gyro." Each stance change after a hypered kick is counted as one half gyro. An additional nickname "Cyclone" can either be used to label a Shuriken with a half gyro, or its double hook kick variation (exampler on Transformation page.)

The Pattern Continues

Beyond these tricks the pattern continues into higher rotations, with each additional 180° spin introducing one more trick than the previous level. This is due to the fact that hypered kicks from the previous level can always add another half gyro. At 720° (four stance changes) there would be a 720round, a 540shuriken, a 360katana half gyro, and a 180shuriken full gyro. View the Transformations page to find out how kick tricks can deviate from their normal state, or learn the opposite pattern with tricks beginning from Backside.