Vert Kick Transformations

Vert kicks will most often resemble the examples in the previous pages, but there are a few ways they can be transformed to look and feel different. There are times when the rotations will fall in-between 180 degrees, and many kick tricks can be combined to create variations. Those variations and their component tricks can be stylized, or the landings of hypered kicks can be modified to create new opportunities to transition smoothly. Read more about those transformations in the section below:

Rotational Deviations

Occasionally vert kicks will begin between stances in relation to the target. Regardless of which takeoff is used, tricks will sometimes leave the ground either facing the target or facing away from it. Neither of these positions should be considered incorrect; they are simply the rotational "in-betweens." This means that they are neither Backside nor Frontside kick tricks, but they can be counted as 90° greater or 90° less than either one. When performed in combinations, these deviations are at times the only way to keep a target which would otherwise shift in another direction.

Conditional Landings

Standard round and hook landings have a pre-determined separation of body weight from the kick leg; land on one, kick with the other. With hypers and gyros this is not the case; since the kick has been finished, there is an option to land on either or both legs. Landing on the kick leg (or the leg furthest from the target) is known as "true hyper," whereas landing on the leg closest the target is called "hyper style." Landing on both feet is simply "hyper," since in general it is not necessary to specify which condition of landing was performed. There is also a special case where the kick is finished, but the rotation cut short (these are hypers without the return to stance.) The terms "whacknife" (for katanas held in Frontside) and "feiwrong" (for shurikens held in Backside,) communicate these conditions which are commonly used to transition in creative ways.

Variations by Rotation

Once a kick has been hypered, there is an opportunity to land on that leg and kick with the other. Variations blend kick tricks together; any two that share the same takeoff, rotation, and landing stance can be combined into one trick with multiple kicks. The term "jacknife" is used for a katana followed by a hook, and "feilong" for a shuriken followed by a round. Like the katana and shuriken tags, these variation tags imply an additional 180°. Combination tags can be used either for the variation or the base trick: "typhoon" for katana half gyro round and "cyclone" for shuriken half gyro hook. Examples of these multiple-kick variations are found along with a table that describes important TKT transformation tags next to their common names below.

Stylizations & Sweeps

The creative nature of tricking allows for customizations to be made to any vert kick trick. This includes doubled kicks without extra rotation, kicks stylized with martial arts form (such as a side kick or hook kick from the round leg,) splits and doublelegs; any type of visible change to the trick that doesn't affect its defining characteristics would constitute a stylization. Another way to alter vert kick tricks is to change them into sweeps, which are grounded forms of round and hook. On their own they can be considered a separate category, but airborne vert kick tricks can also be cut short by 180° to drop onto the ground and into a sweep.

Summary of Transformation Tags

The following table lists some of the most important terms used to describe vert kick tricks, both in the traditional terminology (white) and True Kick Terminology (gold.) Notice that TKT tags have rotational value similar to how "Cheat" and "Swing" takeoffs drop the in-air spin by 180 degrees, the tags below imply added rotation by 180° to 540°

Standard Terminology
Round Hyper (like "540kick")
Hook Hyper (like "360kick")
Standard Variations
Round-Hook (like "jacknife")
Hook-Round (like "feilong")
Half Gyro Variations
Round-Gyro-Round (like "double9")
Hook-Gyro-Hook (like "double7")
Full Gyro Variations
Round-Gyro-Hook (like "gyroknife")
Hook-Gyro-Round (like "whirlwind")

For many trickers the value in learning TKT is as a tool to improve understanding. While not everyone is interested in using this terminology in every context, it is helpful to keep an open mind and dialogue with others as when learning to speak another language.