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Raiz & TDR Swingthru

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Raiz & TDR Swingthru Teaser

Learn Raiz Setups, And How To Swing Into Gainer Tricks

Raiz & Intro to Gainer

Raiz is a popular trick often picked up by beginners, but many find it a little awkward. Then you have the folks who can raiz ok, but the touchdown version seems to make it awkward. Learn how to build a raiz from scratch, or from different skills you might have already such as an aerial. Learn how to replace awkwardness with control, increase inversion and maintain balance. You'll also need a gainer to add on the end of your setup, which is one of the primary skills of this package; you can start the gainer (safely) from scratch by landing a beginner version, then learn how to increase inversion gradually to make it more aesthetic.

• Run Time: 2hr 19m
• 100+ Combinations

Novice Cheat Kicks

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Novice Cheat Kicks Teaser

Upgrade your Basic Kick Tricks like Tornado and Tsunami

Cheat 720 & 540 Kick

Do you lose your balance when you do a cheat 720? Have you tried to land a tornado "on the kicking leg," like they said on YouTube? Maybe you can sometimes land a 540 kick, but it's not consistent or it's too difficult to control. Learn the foundation for building these skills correctly, with the help of smaller pieces and the true (as in "universal, works for everybody") technique of how to make that kick leg available for landing. Improve your control and combo your kicks to perfection! A bonus TrueTorial lesson on the jacknife variation is included!

• Run Time: 1hr 40m
• 100+ Combinations
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