Complex Transitions

Complex transitions are those which require that one leg be held off the ground throughout. This means the landing of the first trick must happen onto only one leg, and even if the standing leg changes, the takeoff into the second trick must begin from only one leg (only one leg can ever touch the ground at a time during a Complex transition.) Below are some of the most common Complex transitions.

Common Complex Transitions

  • Swingthru
    (linear motion)

    A Swingthru is a Complex transition defined by the use of linear motion; landing any trick on one leg and continuing through in a straight line is considered a Swingthru. For vert kicks there is a single stance change (FS to BS or vice versa) while grounded, and for inverts there is a connection into the trick which begins from the landing stance. An offshoot of Swingthru called "Carrythru" occurs when there is a change in position beforehand (two stance changes for vert, or 180 change for inverts.)

  • Missleg
    (rebound motion)

    Another Complex transition, Missleg, is found wherever there is a rebound effect with the leg held off the ground. For vert kicks there is no change in stance, and for inverts there is generally a connection into the trick which begins from the opposite (by 180 degrees) of the landing stance. There is another form of the Missleg called a "Rapid," which is identified by the absence of the rebound effect; absolutely no motion occurs on the ground like a one-leg version of Punch transition.