900s Novice Plus

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900s Novice+ Teaser

Learn to control any “900“ from any takeoff

Back/Cheat/Swing 9

“Wrap your arms tight.” “Spot your target.” “Keep your chest/back up.” Tried those already, and need something a little more detailed? Not all “900s” are created equal; some are in-air 360°s, while others might be 540° or somewhere in-between. Learn how to identify the difference, and use that knowledge to help you learn to control your vert spins with 100% consistency. If you picked up round and tornado kick but got stuck when the rotation went up, this package is for you!

• Required Pre-requisites: None
• Recommended: Round & Tornado Kick
• Run Time: 1hr 35m
• 100+ Combinations
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Primary Skill #1

900s (Novice)

Tornado kicks and pop rounds are the start of a 900, because they have the same components: a takeoff into a (small) spin landing with a round kick. In the Novice 9s video you can learn to upgrade these Basic (180°) jump round tricks to double the in-air spin. This video covers the most important tactics for adding rotation without compromising control, and it highlights how to maintain your balance while spinning vertically from pop, cheat, or swing takeoff.

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Run Time: 49m 57s

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Run Time: 45m 50s

Primary Skill #2

900s (Advanced)

“Do a Tornado Kick, add another spin.” A simple concept, but not realistic in practice. The only way to guarantee you'll pull off your 900s at higher in-air spins such as 540° is to ensure you can still control your balance while airborne. This video teaches you to apply the techniques from the Novice 9s video in more advanced rotations, from pop (Backside 900), cheat (cheat 900), or swing (swingthru 900).

900s Novice Plus

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