Beginner Tricking Bundle

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A True Beginner's Course in Tricking

Kicks, Twists, & Flips

Come one, come all to get started learning martial arts tricking without needing any special equipment, spotters, or crashing! This course covers skills which are actually appropriate for beginners. Start with truly basic tricks like tornado kick or butterfly and learn how to develop them into some impressive & challenging moves like back handspring, aerial cartwheel, cheat 720, moon kick and more. Focus on controlling your landings and building 100% consistency, so that you can build onward and upward from this foundation to bigger tricks down the line.

• Required Pre-requisites: None

• Recommended: Any or no experience

• Run Time: 4hr 44m learning time*

*With warm-up & stretching 5hr 20m

• 250+ Combinations

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Primary Skill #1

Aerial Cartwheel

There are mechanical reasons why you might run into trouble going from two-handed to one-handed to no-handed cartwheel. Learn how to control body weight and rotation using a butterfly, and do it in a way that keeps you landing safely without those hands shooting out involuntarily to catch you every time! Skip the hands, head from there directly toward the finished aerial without crashing.

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Run Time: 48m 14s

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Run Time: 31m 51s

Primary Skill #2

Cheat 720

720 sounds intimidating, but everyone says this is a beginner skill. Maybe not; "beginner" is in the eye of the beholder, and even if you can pull off a cheat 720 it can be a challenge to make it consistent. For a lot of aspiring tricking athletes this can be a first step into more advanced jump kicks, but only if you have the necessary awareness and control. Avoid the "go for it!" approach, and learn the proper way to build a cheat 720.

Primary Skill #3

(Intro To) Gainer

Gainer can be a one-leg back flip, but it doesn't have to start as one. If you can do a butterfly (which is covered briefly in this lesson), you can get a strong foundation going for one of the most popular skills in tricking: the gainer! Learn how to adapt a vertical rotation to become fully inverted, all while prioritizing a safe, controlled landing.

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Run Time: 41m 40s

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Run Time: 49m 57s

Primary Skill #4

900s (Novice)

Tornado kicks and pop rounds are the start of a 900, because they have the same components: a takeoff into a (small) spin landing with a round kick. In the Novice 9s video you can learn to upgrade these Basic (180°) jump round tricks to double the in-air spin. This video covers the most important tactics for adding rotation without compromising control, and it highlights how to maintain your balance while spinning vertically from pop, cheat, or swing takeoff.

Primary Skill #5

Back Handspring

“Arms by your ears.” “Sit in the char.” “Look back and don't be afraid.” Heard that all before? This video takes you through the 'why' behind the most important back handspring advice commonly taught to students, and shows you how to go around the fear so you can keep your control and maintain consistent landings.

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Run Time: 52m 28s

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Run Time: 60m 22s

Skill/Concept Progression

(Intro To) Variations

What if basic jump kicks could be turned into horizontal twist tricks safely, without falling down? What if you could learn to do each kick from each horizontal twist trick category so that you understood how all the moves are related to one another? What if you then arranged them in order by rotation so that you could learn all of twisting this way from the ground up? This video teaches the concepts to turn "what if" into practice, while learning how to do cool-looking variations along the way.

Beginner Tricking

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