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Invert Tricking Staples

Four Vital Inverts

You can make just about all of tricking out of these four moves. The aerial and gainer are built from scratch, and they help you get off the ground & adding inversion quickly. Later you can develop that aerial cartwheel into a one-leg-at-a-time front flip called webster. Learn the smallest complete twist move (raiz) also from the ground up, and practice connecting into back rotations like gainer. Down the line raiz and webster can intersect to form a butterfly twist (Btwist), and it all starts with just these four tricks. If you're looking for a good starting point in the invert game, look no further!

• Required Pre-requisites: None

• Recommended: Any or no experience

• Run Time: 3hr 4m learning time*

*With warm-up & stretching 3hr 40m

• 100+ Combinations

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Primary Skill #1


Butterfly is a good start to building more advanced twist or flip tricks. You'll need an upgrade to your inversion and power, and most importantly you'll need to do it in a way that keeps you landing safely without those hands shooting out involuntarily to catch you every time! Skip the hands, head directly toward the finished aerial without crashing.

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Run Time: 48m 14s

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Run Time: 41m 40s

Primary Skill #2

(Intro To) Gainer

Gainer can be a one-leg back flip, but it doesn't have to start as one. If you can do a butterfly (which is covered briefly in this lesson), you can get a strong foundation going for one of the most popular skills in tricking: the gainer! Learn how to adapt a vertical rotation to become fully inverted, all while prioritizing a safe, controlled landing.

Primary Skill #3


Butterfly twist is actually a relative of the forward-rotating webster. This inversion is needed both to reach the horizontal axis, and to return to standing when you're done. The action in this flip is the better pre-requisite skill for building a Btwist, since most of the time you'll hear the same thing: "I can finish the twist, I just can't get the landing." Sound familiar?

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Run Time: 46m 31s

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Run Time: 47m 45s

Primary Skill #4

Raiz (+Swingthru)

Most people first approach this as "do a tornado kick, and lean back a little," with mixed results. Beyond inversion, raiz is more than a tornado kick; there should be a unique takeoff position as well as more rotation. Learn how "lean back" can help or hurt, how to use that advice to your advantage, and how to control this move correctly to eliminate the awkwardness as you connect a raiz setup into a swingthru gainer.

Custom Tricking Bundle

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