Vert Kicks Bundle

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• Required Pre-requisites: None

• Recommended: Any martial arts experience

• Run Time: 3hr 15m learning time*

*With warm-up & stretching 3hr 51m

• 200+ Combinations

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Run Time: 31m 51s

Primary Skill #1

Cheat 720

720 sounds intimidating, but everyone says this is a beginner skill. Maybe not; "beginner" is in the eye of the beholder, and even if you can pull off a cheat 720 it can be a challenge to make it consistent. For a lot of aspiring tricking athletes this can be a first step into more advanced jump kicks, but only if you have the necessary awareness and control. Avoid the "go for it!" approach, and learn the proper way to build a cheat 720.

Primary Skill #2

900s (Novice)

Tornado kicks and pop rounds are the start of a 900, because they have the same components: a takeoff into a (small) spin landing with a round kick. In the Novice 9s video you can learn to upgrade these Basic (180°) jump round tricks to double the in-air spin. This video covers the most important tactics for adding rotation without compromising control, and it highlights how to maintain your balance while spinning vertically from pop, cheat, or swing takeoff.

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Run Time: 49m 57s

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Run Time: 39m 21s

Primary Skill #3

540 Kick

"Do a Tornado Kick, land on the kick leg." Sound familiar? Did it work for you? It didn't for me. It took me several years to figure out why that advice doesn't translate to the desired result for a lot of people. "Kick harder," "jump higher," "turn your hips over," or any similar tips are insufficient to explain the true technique behind one's ability to land on the kicking leg. Discover for yourself exactly what goes into learning to perform a 540 kick.

Primary Skill #4

900s (Advanced)

“Do a Tornado Kick, add another spin.” A simple concept, but not realistic in practice. The only way to guarantee you'll pull off your 900s at higher in-air spins such as 540° is to ensure you can still control your balance while airborne. This video teaches you to apply the techniques from the Novice 9s video in more advanced rotations, from pop (Backside 900), cheat (cheat 900), or swing (swingthru 900).

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Run Time: 45m 50s

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Run Time: 28m 17s

Primary Skill #5


You can do a cheat 720. You can do a 540 kick. Now to put them together; sounds easy, right? This Skill is proof that just because you can break, and you can dance, doesn't necessarily mean you can breakdance. Learn the steps to develop coordination that helps you time two kicks within one jump, drills that help you improve that timing and build the strength you need to pull off a jacknife.

Vert Kicks Bundle

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