Forward Twist Build

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Aerial, Webster, & Butterfly Twist

From an Aerial, into a Webster, into a Btwist

Build A Butterfly Twist

You've heard it before: "do a butterfly, then add a twist." It sounds too simple... because it is. So much more has to go into a butterfly twist in order to avoid all the most common problems like crashing or spinning upright. If you tried to upgrade from just butterfly and found it challenging you're not alone; this package contains more than an hour of partial progressions upward from butterfly to halfway points like megafly and semitwist, that most people don't realize are vital pieces of the puzzle needed to truly unlock your Btwist!

• Required Pre-requisites: None***
***Each video teaches the pre-requisites for the next
• Recommended: Butterfly & Cartwheel
• Run Time: 2hr 17m
• 100+ Combinations
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Skill Progression #1

Butterfly to Aerial

Butterfly is only broadly related to Btwist (they share a takeoff and rotate on the same axis at least). You'll need an upgrade to your inversion and power, and most importantly you'll need to do it in a way that keeps you landing safely without those hands shooting out involuntarily to catch you every time! Skip the hands, head directly toward the finished aerial without crashing.

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Run Time: 48m 14s

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Run Time: 46m 31s

Skill Progression #2

Aerial to Webster

Butterfly twist is actually a relative of the forward-rotating webster. This inversion is needed both to reach the horizontal axis, and to return to standing when you're done. The action in this flip is the better pre-requisite skill for building a Btwist, since most of the time you'll hear the same thing: "I can finish the twist, I just can't get the landing." Sound familiar?

Skill Progression #3

Webster to Btwist

Spoiler alert: it's not just about the twist! First step: half a Btwist. It's about controlling a takeoff that brings you to the horizontal plane, and upon completing the twist, returns you back to standing upright! So what exactly does half look like, how do you learn it, and how does it become a whole Btwist? Oh, and don't forget we're building each step without crashing, while addressing inversion along the way.

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Run Time: 43m 00s

Forward Twist Build

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