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My journey began just over 20 years ago with the martial arts. In that time I've gained the experience I needed to learn all my tricks on both sides, and become a full-time tricking instructor! I created AerformMAT with the hopes of adding structure and consistency to the discipline of martial arts tricking, and I am happy to share what I've learned with the global community.

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A brief description of

Martial Arts Tricking

The unique identity of tricking comprises the blend of two general categories of movement.



Tricks which stay upright and include a kicking technique derived from any style of the martial arts.



Tricks which rotate off-axis, horizontal or fully inverted as found in tumbling or freestyle acrobatics.

More Than Just Movement

Tricking is Expression

Tricking is very individualistic, both as a physical practice and as an art form. For some practitioners it's all about power, and for others it's about creativity & style. Some athletes train to compete, and some train for personal achievement. Tricking as a discipline then is a matter of self-expression through movement.

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A breakdown of Leafcutter variation

Vertical Kick Tricks

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Vert Kick Progression

Difficulty increases in 180° increments with each stance change.

  • 180°


    A half spin in-air rotation

  • 360°


    A full spin in-air rotation

  • 540°


    A spin & a half in-air rotation

  • 720°


    Two spins in-air rotation

  • 900°


    Two & a half spins in-air rotation

  • 1080°


    Three spins in-air rotation

  • 1260°


    Three and a half spins in-air rotation (world record)

True Kick Terminology difficulty/rotation calculator

takeoff rotation landing

p1r : Basic

Attributes & Parameters of

Vert Kicks

Vert kicks are defined by their takeoff, rotation, and landing. The kick counts as the landing on a vert kick trick, with the "hyper" and "gyro" additions contributing to extra rotation. There are also variation with multiple kicks.

Make your selections using the buttons below to compare flips & twists from each stance/takeoff pair.

vert demo gif

Invert Tricks & Transitions

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Invert Categories

Inverts are defined by their takeoff & landing positions (stances), offset from one another by 90° intervals.


back flip, gainer/riser, & cork...

"Complete" landing


inside flip, GMS, & cart/wrap full...

"Hyper" landing


front flip, axe/webster, & Btwist...

"Mega" landing


outside flip, MLS, & carry/raiz...

"Semi" landing

Invert rotation calculator

starting category difficulty modifier invert landing

raiz : 90°

Attributes & Parameters of


Invert tricks are defined by their stance, takeoff, rotation, and landing. Twist tricks land Backside by default (known as "complete landing," though not usually mentioned by name). Based on rotation there are also Hyper, Mega, and Semi landings for any invert trick (each corresponding to a different stance or position).

Make your selections using the buttons below to compare flips & twists from each stance/takeoff pair.





invert demo gif

back flip & back full


A jump from both legs together ("pop").


A jump in sequence, one foot at a time.


A jump from one leg only.

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Kicks, Twists, & Flips

You need a 540, a back flip, a Btwist, a cart full, a cork, some 900s would be nice, oh and don't forget touchdown raiz setup for swingthru into anything you want. It's all in there, and so much more. Learn tricking without needing any special equipment, spotters, or crashing! Focus on controlling your landings and building 100% consistency, so that you can build onward and upward from this foundation to bigger tricks down the line.

• Required Pre-requisites: None

• Recommended: Any or no experience

• Run Time: 11hr 13m learning time*

*With warm-up & stretching 11hr 49m

• 650+ Combinations

Celebrating more than a decade of

Teaching Tricking

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