Raiz & TDR Swingthru

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Raiz & TDR Swingthru Teaser

Learn Raiz Setups, And How To Swing Into Gainer Tricks

Raiz & Intro to Gainer

Raiz is a popular trick often picked up by beginners, but many find it a little awkward. Then you have the folks who can raiz ok, but the touchdown version seems to make it awkward. Learn how to build a raiz from scratch, or from different skills you might have already such as an aerial. Learn how to replace awkwardness with control, increase inversion and maintain balance. You'll also need a gainer to add on the end of your setup, which is one of the primary skills of this package; you can start the gainer (safely) from scratch by landing a beginner version, then learn how to increase inversion gradually to make it more aesthetic.

• Required Pre-requisites: None
• Recommended: Aerial, Valdez or Back Handspring
• Run Time: 2hr 19m
• 100+ Combinations
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Primary Skill #1

(Intro To) Gainer

Gainer can be a one-leg back flip, but it doesn't have to start as one. If you can do a butterfly (which is covered briefly in this lesson), you can get a strong foundation going for one of the most popular skills in tricking: the gainer! Learn how to adapt a vertical rotation to become fully inverted, all while prioritizing a safe, controlled landing.

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Run Time: 41m 40s

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Run Time: 47m 45s

Primary Skill #2

Raiz (+Swingthru)

Most people first approach this as "do a tornado kick, and lean back a little," with mixed results. Beyond inversion, raiz is more than a tornado kick; there should be a unique takeoff position as well as more rotation. Learn how "lean back" can help or hurt, how to use that advice to your advantage, and how to control this move correctly to eliminate the awkwardness as you connect a raiz setup into a swingthru gainer.

Bonus Primary Skill

Touchdown Raiz

"Do a raiz, now stick your arm out." If you value your arm and general safety, you should know there's more to a touchdown than this! Go beyond the concept of "touch down" to truly understand what makes a TD raiz work. Build this skill from multiple base techniques and learn what changes as you transform an airborne rotation (raiz) into a handspring (TDR).

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Run Time: 50m 10s

Raiz & TDR Swingthru

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